My tracking number is not working

This can happen for a number of reasons based on which country you are in and which country you had your product delivered from

USA Domestic orders
‘Shipping label created’
This is when your item has been dropped off at the postal centre and not been scanned before it has been forwarded to your local USPS facility.

USPS Label Created Meaning

Shipments from India
‘Item Bagged’ or ‘Item sent abroad’
In nearly all cases, India do not scan the item as it leaves the country due to a COVID restriction. It will then update once arrived at your local facility

Shipments from Singapore
‘A web error occurred’
This is from the Singapore post system not working properly and your item will be scanned and tracking updated once with your local facility. A detailed explanation can be found here on 17track

We dispatch all orders in the given time frames, so even if tracking is not efficient, not to worry, your order is on its way to you

To track your order we suggest and

I did not receive an order confirmation email

On rare occasions, with automated emails, such as an order confirmation from, some email servers either bounce (reject) or send emails to spam. We find this more common with gmail, hotmail and yahoo email addresses. To avoid this, please add to your whitelist in your email provider. Here is an article on how to whitelist an email address for each major email provider: How to whitelist email
It only takes a moment to do and will ensure you receive your order confirmations and tracking numbers.

As well as confirmations and tracking numbers, you can find your order details, status and tracking numbers in your FuzzyDuck account by clicking here

Why is my order still 'Processing' or 'Being packed'

We aim to dispatch orders within 12 hours but can take up to 3 days.

For USA domestic orders, this can take up to 7 days

Once your order has been paid for, your order status will turn to ‘processing’
Shortly after, it will be turned from ‘Processing’ to ‘Being Packed’
Once your order has been dispatched, your order status will turn from ‘Being packed’ to ‘Shipped’ and your tracking number will be displayed on your account. You can view this by heading over to your Fuzzyduck account, clicking orders, then click the order you want to see the status of and view the tracking number

I cannot reset my password

If you have forgotten your password and do not receive the password reset email, Please add to your email whitelist.

Here is a brief article on how to whitelist an email:

How to whitelist email

If you still have problems after doing this, drop us an email at and we shall manually reset your password

My order has not arrived within 30 business days

In the rare case of your order not arriving within 30 business days, we will reship it for free. If the reship does not arrive, we shall refund your order in the USD amount

Email us at and we shall get that processed for you

Still got any questions? Happy to help

Please contact

Please check your spam for replies just in case

Please allow up to 24 hours for a reply, yet this may on rare occasions take a little longer based on the current volume of emails

Please send a in-depth description of your query

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