Reships and Refunds

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Free Reships

-If your order has not arrived within 30 days we will reship it for free

-All reships will be fulfilled within 3 days

-The free reship tracking code delivered on the third day

***we actively monitor all live tracking so if we have not already contacted you on the 30 day mark, give us a nudge here: [email protected]


If the second shipment does not make it, we will issue an immediate refund or third reship (totally up to you). All refunds will be in the dollar amount of your order

Package Example

Our Items are packed professionally and discreetly. We ensure it is marked under the tax threshold per country

Tracking status – Processed by origin?

The Dreaded PROCESSED BY ORIGIN – Most countries are not scanning a package as it leaves the country as a COVID restriction. On top of that, many other countries are not scanning a parcel until it has been handed over to the local courier.
Therefore in some cases, a package may remain in
Processed by origin‘ country for up to 10 days

Order emails & Shipping update emails

You shall receive emails

1. After paying for your order

2. Another 12-48 hours later with your tracking code

3. When your shipment is out for delivery – 1-3 days before your delivery arrives

5. You can opt out of these emails anytime

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