Where to View My Points

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You can view your points from your account page, simply click the ‘Points’ tab or click here

How to Earn points

Trustpilot Reviews

Completing an honest review on Trustpilot earns you points. Wether it is positive or negative, you shall be rewarded for the time you take to write it and points will be credited to your account. Once your order has arrived, Trustpilot will send an email inviting you to write a review on your experience

Product Reviews

Reviewing products via the product page also earns you points. This can only be done on products you have purchased


All purchases earns point

Reddit and youtube reviews

Writing an honest review on Reddit or anywhere on the web helps us learn about our service and helps others find us. Send us an email and a link to your review and points will be credited to your account


Know a friend that would like our products? Copy and paste the referral code in your account page and send it to them. If they Make a purchase, you and them earn points

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