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Etizex is a globally recognized pharmaceutical brand, manufactured according to strict industry standards of quality. It is based on etizolam, a fast-acting agonist of the benzodiazepine receptor that has recently gained a lot of prominence among scientists. This product has been extensively used in clinical trials and carries unique potentials when compared to other substances from its class. Since the product is delivered in original packaging, its integrity and composition are guaranteed.


Since etizolam is characteristic by the replacement of a benzene ring with thiopane and triazole ring, Etizex is most accurately classified as a thienotriazolodiazepine. Those chemical traits are reflected in the pharmacological imprint of this substance – it has been demonstrated that its sedative and hypnotic impact is several times stronger than with classic benzodiazepines like diazepam. With very fast onset and short half life, Etizex is well suited for a range of therapeutic applications and is increasingly being viewed as a favorable alternative to traditionally prescribed sedatives.


All products available from our online market place are intended for scientific purposes only, and may only be used in laboratory settings by qualified researchers. Any improper handling or use may result in serious injury and is strongly discouraged by our company. Buyers bear full responsibility for applying all standard safety measures for laboratory work and keeping the product away from minors or other unauthorized persons.

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1 review for Etizex 1mg

  1. shane (verified owner)

    I tried all the etizolam apart from etilaam and this is the best in my opinion. I have severe ADHD and my doc would prescribe me so much stuff i didnt want but i had no choice. Amy advised me a few items such as atomoxetine, modafinil and etizolam, she also setup a course for me to follow which was very minimal amount of meds and it is working perfectly

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roy willis
by far my fave vendor over the last 6 months. ordered 5 times, shipping times varied from 11 days to one being 27 but during covid, thats still pretty awesome. Always a bunch of freebies, always good customer service (thank you amy, you are the best) and the product is super good compared to the vendors i used to use. thanks amy and the team​
Shipping took a while but the product is amazing
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Good shipping times and love the product!
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This was my first time every buying from an online pharmacy and it was very smooth, just like any other online store. I was weary and was certain it was not going to work but low and behold, package arrives fast, discreetly packed and a few extras which i was not expecting. Lovely girl on the customer emails too. All in all, a brilliant online shop. thanks
My first package was lost, so Amy sent another one to me a few days before the 30 day mark. I received my new package (sent over EMS this time) in 15 days, and it contained 50 extra pills from what I was expecting.
Took about 4 weeks to arrive into the EU, which isn't bad at all due to covid restrictions
james wyatt
Next level supplier. Had a few orders from the duck and everytime it has been perfect. Around 12 days shipping. Paid around $0.6 per pill of modafinil and 50 free soma Please keep this up fuzzyducks Thank you again