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Pain O Soma is an instant treatment option for muscle pain. It contains Carisoprodol.

Pain O Soma is an effective muscle relaxer which blocks the connection between nerve cells and brain that conveys the message of pain to body.

Pain O Soma works for all kinds of pains and discomfort.

Pain O Soma is also prescribed for rest and other medications of anxiety. It declines scar tissues for prolific and vigorous muscle systems, it also promotes strong, flexible and proficient muscle contraction. Clinically it is proven that Pain O Soma promotes an upright and relaxed posture. Pain O Soma comes in the form of a tablet which is available in 350mg or 500mg. The recommended dose of Pain O Soma is three tablets of Pain O Soma in a day. It should be taken with or without food as prescribed by your doctor.


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350mg – 100 Pills, 350mg – 200 Pills, 350mg 400 Pills, 500mg – 100 Pills, 500mg – 200 Pills, 500mg – 400 Pills


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1 review for Pain O Soma

  1. Rob V (verified owner)

    great pain med, fast acting, long lasting. I mixed a bit with modalert a few times whilst i was working and i felt oddly creative

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